Robert H. Spector, M.D.


Neuro-ophthalmology is admittedly a confusing term. Consequently, many physicians and patients have asked me, “What do you do, what types of clinical problems do you evaluate and manage? The question is so common that I decided to build a website to clarify the confusion, and in the process soon realized a web site could be used for many purposes; specifically to provide answers to questions that my office staff and I confront and to teach you about the human visual pathways in the eye and brain. Lastly, it allows you to download the medical information sheets that you normally fill out in the doctors office on the day of your appointment. Having the information ahead of time will shorten your visit.

Click the link at the bottom of each page marked FAQs  (Frequently Asked Questions) and a list of questions will offer you the chance to understand why you were referred to me for an opinion. Clicking the other link, “medical questionnaires.doc,” will automatically download to your computer two pages of material that we would like to have before your appointment.   Please print the pages, complete them and return them to us via one of four ways:  (1) attaching it to an email  address, (2) sending it by stamp and envelope, (3) faxing it to 404-252-0713, or (4) bringing it with you at the time of your appointment. Having these data allows us to formulate a strategy that will consolidate your evaluation and increase the accuracy of our diagnosis.

FAQS       medical questionnaires.doc